Alphabetical list of staff at the Telecommunications Research Establishment (TRE) based on a March 1942 organisation chart.  For some background on how the list was created see the Director's Chart page which also has a list of grade abbreviations.


Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Abbott R.L.   30 AIII    
Abercrombie S.D.   3 AIII    
Abson W.   7 JSO   'Pip' Abson
Abson     25 P/O RAF  
Ackermann E.G.   6 JSO   Eric Ackermann
Adams C.E.N.   25 L/A    
Adams J.B.   8 AIII   Sir John Adams FRS
Airey J.E.   Mgmt TO   Joe Airey MBE
Alder N.L.   5 AIII   ?Norman? Alder
Allen W.D.   8 SO   Dr W D Allen
Allen-Williams D.J.   5 AIII    
Almond R.   3 AIII    
Armstrong D.L.   21 L/A   D L Armstrong
Aspinall R.   11 JSO   Rueben Aspinall CBE
Atkinson H.   Lib AIII    
Atkinson J.R.   8 SO   Jimmy Atkinson
Attree V.H.   21 POI    
Austin W.E.   TFU AIII    
Aves R.   8 AII   R Aves
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Bacon G.E.   7 JSO   Prof George Bacon
Bagnall I.A.   5 AIII    
Bahns H.W.   20 SO    
Baker W.A.   7 AIII    
Banner J.   TFU E/O    
Banthorpe C.H.   6 AII    
Banwell      TRE 1941?      
Barber H.N.   25 JSO    
Barker G.C.   21 SO    
Barnes R.C.M.   1 AIII    
Bartlett A.C.   B'ham PSO B'ham  
Bates A.D.   4 AIII    
Batt R.G.P.   8 AIII   Reg Batt
Bayly A.J.   25 AIII    
Beakley W.R.   12 AIII    
Beeching I.J.   25 AIII    
Belham N.D.N.   6 AII    
Bellringer C.C.E.   17 JSO   C C E Bellringer
Bennett A.E.   1 JSO    
Bennett T.J.   20 POI    
Bilbrough J.   12 AIII    
Birch A.W.G.   30 SO    
Birks J.B.   10 JSO    
Bisby H.   OS JSO   Fl Lt Harry Bisby
Blackband W.T.   2 JSO   W T Blackband
Blackett T.A.   25 JSO    
Blake K.   11 AE    
Blanchard A.J.   4 POI    
Bloch A.   CAL AIII    
Blumlein A.D.   Malvern     Alan Dower Blumlein
Boardman F.D.   14 AIII    
Booker H.G.   26 SSO   Prof Henry Booker
Bowden B.V.   14 SSO   Lord Vivian Bowden of Chesterfield
Bowen E.C.   OS SSO   Eddie 'Taffy' Bowen FRS
Boxall R.R.H.   12 L/A    
Bridges D.E.   4 AII    
Briggs J.H.   11 SO   J H Briggs
Brinkley T.A.   8 AIII    
Briscomb W.D.   3 AIII    
Bristow E.W.   29 JSO    
Britt     25 2/Lt USA  
Brook P.H.T.   8 AIII    
Brooks J.M.   29 JSO    
Brown B.F.   25 SO    
Brown D.E.   7 AIII    
Brown D.E.   23 AIII    
Brown L.W.   9 SO    
Brown R.H.   3 SO    
Bruce A.   28 AIII    
Bruce D.G.D.   Mgmt/A L/A    
Bruce J.H.   TFU SO    
Buchanan W.H.   24 TO    
Budden K.G.   OS SO   Ken Budden FRS
Budden S.W. Miss 1 & 7 AIII   Stella Budden
Burcham W.E.   12 SO   Bill Burcham FRS
Burt A.G.   CAL L/A    
Butement     elsewhere      
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Callan H.G.   25 JSO    
Callick B.B.   10 TO   Brian Callick
Capelli M.P.G.   11     Mario Capelli
Carpenter F.T.   OS AII    
Carpenter H.O.   8 AIII    
Carruthers R.   20 AIII    
Carter R.H.A.   7 TO   RHA Carter
Cary R.H.J.   2 TO   Rex Henry John Cary MBE
Cavanah P.E.   26 AIII    
Chaffe W.R.   20 AIII    
Chambers W.S.   1 L/A    
Chapman A.H.   12 AIII    
Chapman G.   TFU JSO    
Chew W.G.N.   OD PSO    
Chisholm J.   7 AIII   John Chisholm
Clarke D.E.   11 TO    
Clarke L.P. Miss 3 L/A    
Clegg J.A.   29 AII    
Clegg J.E.   15 SO   Johnny Clegg
Coates D.G.   17 L/A   Dougie Coates
Cochrane W.   23 SO   W Cochrane
Cockburn R.   5 & 6 SSO   Sir Robert (Bob) Cockburn
Cockroft A.L.   8   MAR  
Cockroft H.S.   23 AIII    
Cockcroft J.   ADRDE     Prof Sir John Cockcroft OM FRS
Collins C.R.   30 AIII    
Colmer F.C.W.   25 AIII    
Cook F.W.   13 AIII    
Cook J.E.   TFU AIII    
Cooke-Yarborough E.H.   3 JSO   Ted Cook-Yarborough
Cooper R.A.G.   2 AII    
Copsey E.H.   CAL AIII    
Coultas R.E.   DO Dis.    
Court G.W.C.   6 AIII    
Cowie A.   2 SO   Alex Cowie
Cox M.P. Miss 7 AIII    
Cruickshank J.N.   4 AIII    
Cunningham J. Gp Capt elsewhere   RAF Group Capt. 'Cats Eyes' Cunningham
Curran J.E. Mrs 6 JSO   Joan Curran
Curran S.C.   12 SO   Sir Sam Curran
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Dalby L.J.   8 TEN    
Dandy E.   7 AIII   Eric Dandy
Davies R.H.   OS SO   Richard Davies
Davis M. Miss 7 L/A    
Day P.G.   17 JSO    
De Gruchy J.N.   29 TO    
Dee P.I.   12 PSO   Prof. Philip I Dee
Devons S.   8 SO   Dr S Devons
Dewhurst H.   32 STO   Harry Dewhurst
Diamond J.B.   10 AIII   Jimmy Diamond
Dippy R.J.   17 SSO   RJ 'Bob' Dippy
Dodsworth E.J.   20 AE   Ernest Dodsworth
Dory F. Miss Lib L/A    
Downing A.E.   12 JSO    
Duckworth J.C.   1 JSO   John Duckworth
Dummer G.W.A.   13 SO   Geoffrey Dummer MBE
Duncumb E.J.   3 L/A    
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Edmonds A.O.   8 L/A    
Ellesworth-Turner J.J.   3 AIII    
Elliott H.A.   25 AIII    
Elliott R.L.   1 PO    
Emerson J.   14 AIII    
England T.S.   20 SO   Sid England
Eva A.W.   13 AIII    
Evans D.R.   OD AIII    
Evans J.M.T.   17 AIII    
Ewing B.G.   2 JSO    
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Fance D.F.   25 AIII    
Farvis W.E.J.   6 SO   Prof John Farvis CBE
Faulder H.D.S.   9 JSO    
Fennessy E   elsewhere     Sir Edward 'Ned' Fennessy
Fields R.W.   3 L/A    
Findlay J.W.   OS SO    
Finlayson R.A.   CAL AIII    
Fishenden R.M.   7 JSO   R M Fishenden
Fisher D.G.E.   27 AIII   Douglas Fisher FRPS
Fisher E.   Mgmt/A AIII    
Fishwick W.   6 JSO    
Florida G.D.   22 AIII    
Fogg C.P.   21 SO   Cyril Fogg
Fogg M.A. Mrs 22 AIII    
Forster C.E.   21 L/A    
Forster H.J.   6   MAR  
Fortescue R.L.   25 SO    
Francis V.M. Miss 17 L/A   V M Francis
Francis W.L.   25 SO    
Francis M.G.I. Miss OD JSO    
Franklin E.   22 SO   E Franklin
Fraser R.G.   31 SSO    
Freeman     21 Lt. USA  
Frost W.C.   27 AIII    
Fry D.W.   10 SSO   Donald 'Don' Fry
Fry E.D.   25 JSO    
Fuller G.L.   13 L/A    
Fuller M.E. Miss Mgmt/A TO    
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Gander R.D.   17 AIII    
Garfitt G.S.   7 AII    
Garfitt R.G.   10 TO   George Garfitt
Garland L.P.M.   6 L/A    
Garlick J.K.   B'ham AIII B'ham  
Garrard D.J.   OD SO    
Gasson K.S.J.   24 L/A    
George B.C.   13 AIII    
Gibson G. Wng Cmdr elsewhere   RAF Wing Cmdr Guy Gibson
Gifford T.A.   7 All    
Gillard K.G.   3 SO    
Gillespie A.B.   25 AIII    
Gillham E.J.   9 AIII    
Goddard L.S.   8 JSO    
Goodier J.   32 SO    
Gorton J.M.   CAL AIII    
Gough J.W.   29 L/A    
Gough R.E. Miss Lib L/A   Raye Gough
Goult I.F.H.   13 L/A   Ian Goult
Grayson H.   21 All   Harry Grayson
Green F.A.   13 Alll    
Green G.W.   2 Alll    
Gregory L.A. Miss 15 L/A    
Griffith J. Mrs Mgmt/A L/A    
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Hall P.D.   5 Alll   Peter Hall
Halstead     2 P/O RAF  
Hampshire J.G.   6 AIII    
Hanbury-Brown R   TRE 1941?     Robert Hanbury-Brown FRS
Harding G.N.   2 Alll    
Hardwick J.   5   EMI  
Hardy W.M.   27 AIII   Murry Hardy
Harper J.C.   25 SO    
Harridge D.R.   21 Alll    
Harris C.J.   8 SO    
Harris E.W.   9 All    
Harris K.E.   1 POI    
Harris N.S.   TFU L/A    
Harrison F.   4 Alll    
Harvey A.F.B.   B'ham SO B'ham  
Harvie R.B.R.S.   10 SO    
Hawker H.G.   CAL Alll    
Hawkins G.   20 L/A    
Hawkins G.A.   6 L/A    
Hay G   DO TO    
Hay Y.J.   8 All    
Haywood C.A.   11 AIII    
Heaton W.   5   MAR  
Henderson D.K.   DO Des'r    
Henderson J.M. Mrs 30 L/A    
Hensby G.S.   12 JSO   Geoffrey Hensby
Hewish A   Malvern     Antony Hewish FRS, Nobel Prize
Hey     elsewhere   Army? Dr Stanley Hey FRS
Hibbert P   TRE 1941?     Perc Hibbert
Hibbert W.   7 Alll    
Hickman     25 2/Lt USA  
Higgins F.A.   3 Alll    
Hillman     12 P/O RAF  
Hinckley G.L.   RPU TO    
Hine M.G.   8 Alll    
Hiscock R.C.   2 L/A    
Hodges R.G.   11 All    
Hodgkin A.L.   12 SO   Prof Sir Alan Hodgkin FRS
Hodgson K.R.   Mgmt/A AIII    
Hodgson L.B.   3 Alll    
Hodlin B.W.   Mgmt/A All   Bernard Hodlin
Hogg J.F.   3 Alll    
Hogg R.W.   2 Alll    
Holdsworth D.W.   3 Alll    
Holmes L.S.   24 Alll    
Holt-Smith C.   Mgmt PSO   Charlie Holt-Smith
Hooper J.E.N.   4 TO   John Hooper
Hopkinson K.   TRE 1941?     Ken Hopkinson
Horseman A,   8 JSO    
Howard D.R.   20 AIII    
Howell W.D.   19 Alll    
Hughes J.O.   1 Alll    
Huxley L.G.H.   29 SO   Sir Leonard Huxley
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Illings     2 P/O RAF Illings (Pilot Officer)
Ingham J.   25 JSO    
Iredell H.W.   15 TO    
Ives J.E.   11 SO    
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
James I.T.   25 SO    
James W.J.   7 AIII   Jimmy James
Jay K.E.B.   Mgmt/A SO   K E B Jay
Jefferson H.   8 MAR    
Jefferson S.   Mgmt SSO   Sidney Jefferson
Jelley J.V.   12 JSO    
Jenkins W.L.   CAL AIII    
Johnson H.R.   17 SO   Johnny Johnson
Jones A.H.   3 Alll    
Jones D.   24 AIII    
Jones F.E.   4 SO   Francis E 'FE' Jones
Jones M.C.   24 Alll    
Jones R.V.   elsewhere      
Jones T.H.   13 TO    
Joyner W.S.   4 Alll    
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Kay F.   7 JSO    
Kellog     8 2/Lt USA  
Kelly W.   OD AIII    
Kendrew J.C.   OS SO   Sir John Kendrew CBE FRS Nobel Prize
King F.E.   30 Al    
King G.W.   21 AIII    
King R.   30 ACD   Robert King
Kinsey B.B.   TRE-1941?     Prof Bernhard B Kinsey
Kippax A.A.   CAL Alll    
Kirk E.H.   14 AIII    
Kirkland     9 2/Lt USA  
Kynaston W.I.   4 POI    
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Lander E.N. Miss 2 L/A    
Lander H   TRE 1941     Harold Lander
Lannan     7 2/Lt USA  
Lawson W.D.   CAL Alll    
Le Couteur K.J.   17 Alll    
Leaver Y.S. Miss Lib Alll    
Leavis M.A. Mrs Mgmt/A L/A    
Lees R.J.   7 JSO   Roland Lees
Lees     25 P/O RAF Ronald Lees (pilot)
Lerner     12 P/O RAF  
Levers P.D.   11 Alll    
Lewin G.F.   8 SO    
Lewis G.G.E.   RPU Alll    
Lewis G.M.   15 SO    
Lewis P.L.   13 L/A    
Lewis W.B.   Mgmt A/Supt   Wilfrid Bennett 'WB' Lewis CBE FRS
Leyton L.   24 JSO    
Light R.W.   21 POI    
Llewellyn A.I.   3 JSO   Arthur Llewellyn
Lloyd D.P.   13 AIII    
Lotwick W.R.   31 AIII    
Lovell A.C.B. Dr 12 SO   Sir Bernard Lovell OBE FRS
Lutkin F.E.   2 SO   Freddie Lutkin
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Macfarlane G.G.   26 SO   Sir George Macfarlane
Maclusky G.J.R.   9 Alll    
Macro W.B.   CAL All    
Mannistre     7 P/O RAF  
Marks R.C.   8 JSO    
Marshall J.N.   9 JSO    
Martin R.H.G.   1 JSO   Richard Martin
Matthews L.H.   25 SO    
May D.   Mgmt TO    
Mayer D.W.F.   5 AIII    
Mayo-Wells W.   OS TO    
McDougall C.R.   25 L/A    
McLatchie A.E.   14 AIII    
McLeod D.D.   17 AIII    
Metcalfe L.H.   8 L/A    
Michiels J.L.O.G.   OD JSO    
Middleton A.   7 All    
Millington D.W.   11 JSO   Denis Wyatt Millington
Mills J.H.   Malvern     John H Mills
Milnes B.   4 AIII   Bernard Milnes
Minnis F.H.C.   2 SO    
Moncrieffe L.A.   6 All    
Moody N.F.   19 JSO    
Moore L.   8 AIII    
Morley J.H.   WS TO    
Mortimer M.G. Miss 1 L/A    
Mould A.J.   10 All   Alan Mould
Muir A.J.   2 AIII   Alex Muir
Mullett L.B.   9 AIII    
Munro R   RPU TO   R Munro
Mussell L.E.   8 SO    
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Neale R.C.   15 All    
Noble G.S.   17 AIII    
Noble S.W.   15 All   Spencer Noble
Norman W.J.   5 AIII    
Oatley C.   ADRDE?     Sir Charles Oatley FRS
Oliver H.J.C.   29 SO    
Osborne E.H.   12 TO    
Owen B.G.   17 AIII    
Owen R.B.   CAL AIII    
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Pace J.H.   24 AIII    
Palmer G.H.   2 AIII    
Parkinson J.   32 All    
Passmore-Young W.A.   7 L/A    
Payn D.J.   7 AIII    
Payne H.E.   20 AIII    
Penley W.H. Dr 7 SO   Dr Bill Penley CB CBE
Perser W.J.   20 AIII    
Peters C.L.   1   Siemens  
Phillips C.W.D.   CAL AIII    
Phillips J.H.   20 SSO   Jim Phillips
Phillips F. Miss Mgmt/A AIII    
Pickup E.   15 SO    
Piggott M.E.   11 AIII    
Pinkerton J.M.M.   14 AIII   Dr John M M Pinkerton
Platt D.C.   6 AIII    
Plummer J.A.   17 L/A    
Pointon D.A.E. Miss 1 L/A    
Pointon J.E.M. Miss 1 L/A    
Preece G.H.   21 POI    
Preist D.H.   3 SO   Don Preist
Preston G.C.   10 L/A    
Preston L.H.   13 AIII    
Pringle J.W.S.   TFU SSO   Prof John W S Pringle
Prior E.F.   14 AIII    
Pulford L.E.   25 All    
Pulsford E.W.   13 SO    
Putley E.   Malvern     Dr Ernie Putley
Putman J.L.   2 JSO    
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Ramsey     12 P/O RAF  
Randall J   Birm.     Sir John Randall FRS
Rankine A.O.   OD PSO    
Rann W.H.   OS TO    
Ratcliffe J.A.   Mgmt A/Supt   Jack Ratcliffe CB CBE FRS
Ratcliffe S.   21 AIII   Stanley Ratcliffe
Raymont T.J.   7 AIII    
Reeves A.H.   4 PSO   Alec Harley Reeves CBE
Reid D.G.   11 SSO    
Rennie C.A.   25 JSO    
Reynolds R.B.   GL AIII    
Rice I.H.W.   24 L/A    
Richards F.   1 AIII    
Ridley P.G.   2 L/A    
Ritson F.J.U.   19 JSO    
Roberts G.G.   12 All    
Roberts G.L.   26 AIII    
Roberts S . T .   30 AIII    
Roberts W.L.   4 AIII    
Robertson A.C.C.   CAL AIII    
Robertson A.M.W.   26 JSO    
Robertson W.S.   21 SO    
Robinson A.W.   9 Alll    
Robinson D.M.   OS SSO    
Roe D.O.C.   25 JSO    
Rogers L.O.   9 AIII    
Rollinson E.   4 JSO    
Rowe A.P.   Mgmt Supt.   A P 'Jimmy' Rowe
Rowland F.E.   27 AIII   Frances Rowland
Rumsey V.H.   14 Alll    
Russell B.   3 SO    
Russell G.   1 AIII    
Russell K.A.   4 All    
Russell M.C.B.   20 AIII    
Russell V.   5 AIII    
Rutherglen J.   7 AIII   John Rutherglen
Ryle M.   25 JSO   Prof Sir Martin Ryle FRS Nobel Prize
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Sachs R.B.   20 AIII    
Salmon P.G.   14 AIII    
Sawyer     8 2/Lt USA  
Scales A.   GL Alll    
Schuler S.C.   32 AIII   Colin Schuler
Seal H.O.   31 PTO    
Segaller A.D.   27 TO   Dennis Segaller
Sharp C.   7 Alll    
Shaw E.N.   21 TO    
Shepherd J.S.   2 AIII    
Sieger J.   Mgmt STO   Joshua Sieger
Silversides R.G.   6 AIII    
Silvester L.H.W.   2 AIII   Howard Silvester
Singleton D.M. Miss 1 L/A    
Skinner H.W.B.   8 SSO   Prof Herbert Skinner FRS
Smart A.W.   13 AIII    
Smith C.J.M.   13 L/A    
Smith C.L.   4 SO    
Smith E.S.   24 AIII    
Smith G.H.R.   7 AIII    
Smith J.B.   21 JSO    
Smith R.A. Dr 2 SSO   Robert Allen 'RA' / 'Robin' Smith
Smith R.D.   9 E/0    
Smith S.N.   OS TO    
Snowdon B.   8 All    
Soper D.C.   7 AE   D C Soper
Spencer H.C.   10 AIII   Harry Spencer 'Spenny'
Starr A.T.   8 MAR    
Stevenson A.G.   15 LA    
Stevenson J.D.   17 AIII   Don Stevenson
Stewart J.C.C.   7 SO   Jimmy Stewart
Strath J.A.   8 JSO    
Stroud E.D.M. Miss 1 L/A    
Sudbury E.B. Miss 7 All   EB Sudbury 'Suds'
Summerhayes     10 2/Lt USA  
Sutcliffe H.   15 AIII   Harry Sutcliffe
Sutton G.G.   13 JSO   ?Guerney? Sutton
Symmons H.F.   29 JSO    
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Tarry K.W.D.   20 POI    
Taylor D.   1 & 7 SSO   Dennis Taylor
Taylor H.E.   10 Alll    
Taylor P.   15 JSO    
Taylor R.W.   3 SO    
Thomas C.W.   11 L/A    
Thomas D.G.A.   17 Alll    
Thomas J.M. Mrs 29 L/A    
Thompson F.C.   11   MAR  
Thompson W.O.   9 SO    
Thorne T.G.   5 SO   George Thorne
Thorpe C.H.   20 Alll    
Tidswell E   15 L/A    
Tipple T.W.   12 Alll    
Tizard H   elsewhere     Sir Henry Tizard
Trenhaile W.P.   30 All    
Turner C.H.M.   4 JSO    
Tutchings A.   7 TO   Alex Tutchings
Twiss R.Q.   22 Alll    
Uttley A.M.   13 SO   Dr Albert M Uttley
Vincent     12 P/O RAF  
Surname Initials Title Group Grade From Full Name, Awards & Notes
Wade P.K.   17 AIII    
Walker A.   8 Alll    
Walker B.A.   11 POI    
Walkinshaw W.   26 AIII   Bill Walkinshaw
Warburton J.H.   CAL Alll    
Ward A.G.   8 SO    
Ward A.G.   9 JSO   Arnold Ward
Wareham D.M. Miss 20 L/A    
Warrel D.C.C.   OD Alll    
Warren J.B.   9 SO    
Watson D.   Mgmt/A JSO   Donald Watson
Watson-Watt R.   elsewhere     Sir Robert Watson-Watt
Weir D.A.   1 TO    
Wells F.H.   17 SO    
West R.   12 L/A    
Westcott C.H.   1 & 7 SO   Dr C H Westcott
Whelpton     elsewhere      
Whidbourne H.   DO Asst    
White B.D.   3 AIII    
White W.StJ.   25 L/A    
Whitehead J.R.   14 JSO   Rennie Whitehead
Whitehouse W.J.   20 JSO    
Whiting F.B.   OD AIII    
Whittaker J.W.   8 AIII    
Wiblin E.R.   7 JSO    
Wilkes M   Malvern     Prof Sir Maurice Wilkes FRS 
Wilkins A   elsewhere     Arnold Wilkins
Williams E.C.   TRE 1941     Eric Williams
Williams E.K.   3 AIII    
Williams F.C.   19 SSO   Prof Sir Freddie Williams
Williams O.C.   25 All    
Williams O.G.   4 AIII    
Williams R.D.F.   GL JSO    
Williamson L.E.   24 Alll    
Williamson W.M.   25 JSO    
Wilmot T.A.W.   15 AIII    
Wilson F.T.   11 AIII    
Wilson R.S.   3 JSO    
Wilson T.   4 AIII    
Wimperis H E   elsewhere   RAF Henry Wimperis
Winter F.L.   7 AIII    
Withers C.G.   7 AIII    
Wolleter A.J.   Mgmt/A AIII   Arthur Wolleter
Wood K.A.   11 All   Keith Wood
Woodforde J.   1 STO    
Woodward P.M.   26 AIII   Philip Woodward
Wootton D.J.   8 JSO    
Wormald D.P.   OS AIII    
Wray J.B.   3 AIII    
Wynn-Williams C.E.   28 SSO    
Yates G.G.   15 AIII    

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