Ian Goult lived in Felixstowe before the war, and applied for a job at the Bawdsey Research Station where his sister worked as a secretary.  He joined the radar team as a laboratory assistant in Bob Dippy's team after the research had moved to Purbeck.  He was later transferred to Dummer's team who were responsible for designing and maintaining equipment to train radar operators.  His book 'Secret Location' (see below) gives a first hand account of his experiences in Swanage and Malvern going on to his subsequent career in aircraft navigation systems.

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Group in March 1942:  Group - 13 - Simulators and Trainers 
Life at a Secret Location - Ian Goult Life at a Secret Location
A witness to the birth of radar and its postwar influence.
Goult, Ian

A first hand account of the development of wartime radar.
Ian Goult worked in the radar team in Purbeck.

The History Press Ltd Sep 2010
ISBN-10: 0752457764 
ISBN-13: 978-0752457765 
144 pages

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