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8f 15 May '15 Corrected RAJ Cary -> RHJ Cary (Rex Henry John) (aso .htm file name) & included biography supplied by son, added Eric Ackermann biography with details of book, also included details of Stanley Hey 'The Secret Man' booklet, updated uk postage rates to 2015/16.
8e 30 Sep '13 Corrected FE Jones biography with nickname 'FE'.
8d 7 May 2013 Updated UK postage rates to 2013/14, Radar Archives CD-ROM - 20
8c 21 Feb 2013 Moved and updated contact page, added mobile entry for QR Code, updated the library page for Swanage Library and added logo on various pages + link to trust.
8b 30 Jul 2011 Some extensions and amendments to the Biographies section with a direct link to this from 'Recent Additions' on the Home page.
8a 9 May 2011 The Biographies section of the website substantially extended with a summary page and 60 or so mini-biographies.
7b 13 Mar '11 FrontPage counters removed from the bottom of all pages so that the website can be published to a server without FrontPage extensions installed.
7a 25 Feb '11 The 'More..' section of the website substantially extended and rewritten - subtitles:
Introduction, Books, Book List, Library, Library List, Videos, Links, Publications.
Separate folders created for Books, Publications, Videos & Links to simplify external links to these pages (see bottom of Links page)..
Publications: thumbnails & order form created here with a separate page for each item: DVD, Secret War in Purbeck, booklets, brochure, Penley Radar Archives; also a page for orders from abroad + downloadable DVD review.
Biography section not yet completed, so links to individual mini-bios liable to fail.
Message put on: People | Alphabetical, People | Groups, People | Biographies, More | Book List, More | Library List, More | Publications | Booklets.
6e 30 Dec '10 DVD Echoes of the Past - trailer added to publications page
6d 02 Jun '10 DVD Echoes of the Past added to publications and home pages.
6c 23 Nov '09 Exhibition extended to three pages including new programme page.
Introduction section extended with contents and legacy pages.
'Recent Additions' section added to home page replacing contents list
Publications - availability from different outlets (2 Dec '09)
6b 18 Nov '09 Correct counters page and add version number/date at bottom of pages.
Update library page adding downloadable brochure.  Minor changes to publications page: mail order and Penley Radar Archives CD - now a suggested donation.
6a 17 Nov '08 Minor adjustments to People | Introduction, Trust | Introduction, Trust | Milestones.
Added 'Secret War in Purbeck' to More | Trust Publications.
5a 20 Jun '08 Update library page and move to to correspond with library brochure.
4a,b,c 12 April '07 Extend People section by adding Director's Chart, Staff Alphabetical & Staff by Group.
3a 23 Dec '06 New home page & remove banner page, create 'introduction', move 'study' under 'introduction', remove 'legacy', move 'shop' to publications under 'more', add pdf of exhibition opening.
2b 17 Aug '06 counters.php added & debugged
2a 17 July '06 First version of multi-page website for radar exhibition opening.
1c 9 May '06 Include update on progress - lottery funding for exhibition etc.
1b ?July '05? Include e-mail address & downloadable Trust 'object'
1a ?March? '05 Single holding page for website + downloadable 'Early Days of Radar'

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