The Purbeck Radar Reference Library is a collection of books and other material relating to the early development of radar. It is housed at the Swanage Library, and is available during normal opening hours.    

The reference library comprises a 'top twenty' publications - follow the link for a list of books in the library.  Many were written by radar scientists who worked in Purbeck.


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The collection was assembled by the Purbeck Radar Museum Trust and is made available by the kind support of the Swanage Library.  Donations are welcomed by the Radar Trust - either of money or of materials relating either to early radar or to the people involved (documents, photos, artefacts, etc.).  To get in touch with us, see our contact page. 


Over the years, the significance of radar in World War II has often been overlooked by our national institutions. This reference library makes a small attempt to redress this balance by bringing together a collection of key publications under one roof - a ‘one stop shop’ for information on early radar. 

Purbeck, (in Dorset, UK) was the nerve centre for the radar development from 1940 to 1942.  The most significant innovations were probably made during this time in Purbeck, and these set the foundations for what was achieved during the remainder of the war.  It is therefore appropriate that Purbeck should hold a publicly available record of this significant era in the history of both Purbeck and the UK.

The library will be of interest to anyone with a keen interest in Purbeck’s local history or in Britain’s wartime radar. It is available to both local residents and visitors who can find out more about Britain’s wartime heritage - while at the same time enjoying the stunning Purbeck countryside.

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