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The Spies Who Lost the Battle of Britain The Spies who Lost the Battle of Britain

On the brink of World War II, the huge Graf Zeppelin crossed the North Sea on a daring spy mission.  As the airship shadowed the eastern coastline all the way to Scotland, Fighter Command reeled in horror - the German spies were on the trail of Britainís greatest secret. 

This documentary, released in 2010 for the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, is a riveting story of the beginnings of radar in the UK with film footage from the time interspersed with expert analysis.

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Running time: 63 minutes

Echoes of the Past Echoes of the Past
DVD about radar development in Purbeck, Dorset.

This DVD tells the story of Top Secret work on RADAR carried out in Purbeck 70 years ago during World War II.  Told by Dr Bill Penley who worked there, Dr Phil Judkins a radar historian, produced by John Hale.

The DVD was produced by the Purbeck Radar Museum Trust and is available in Dorset and via this website.

Running time 64 minutes

The Secret War The Secret War
BBC TV documentary series

This series of documentaries was originally broadcast by the BBC at the beginning of 1977.  It is based on RV Jones's book 'Most Secret War' (see book list), which is an account of his part in British Scientific Intelligence between 1939 and 1949.  It was Jones' responsibility to anticipate German applications of science to warfare, so that their new weapons could be countered before they were used.

The video comes as a set of three volumes - each comprising two episodes.  The first two episodes are entitled:
  The Battle of the Beams - beams from Germany guide bombers to their targets,
  To See for a hundred miles - the story of the invention of radar,
Volume 1 running time: 101 minutes.

RDF to Radar RDF to Radar
Video of film produced by the TRE film unit in 1946 - 1947.

The story of radar research from its RDF days at Orford Ness in 1935 to the development of many radar systems for air, land and sea warfare at Bawdsey, Swanage and Malvern - both before and during the second World War.  The video was mastered in 1993 by Doug Fisher from a copy of 35mm film discovered in cans.

This is available from Robert Fisher (Doug Fisher's son) - see his website: 
Running time: 41 minutes


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