Here are some links to other websites relating to early radar.  The links are grouped under the following headings - click the headings in the table to scroll down the relevant part of the page.

Museums  Local / national museums
Organisations Organisations active in study and raising public awareness.
Dorset Links to Dorset websites - mainly to organisations now occupying buildings that played a part in the radar story.
Nearby Nearby historic radar sites and stations which have websites
Information Websites providing more information about early radar
Linking Linking to pages within this website
Museums - Local / National
Swanage Museum  - 
Swanage Museum logoThe museum in Swanage, Dorset hosts a small radar exhibition which has been created by the Radar Trust, and also has Trust publications for sale.
Langton Museum  - 
Langton Museum logoThe museum in Langton Matravers, Dorset, is affiliated to the Purbeck Radar Museum Trust, and there are plans to increase museum's holding of material relating to wartime radar development.  Both Leeson House and Durnford School in Langton were taken over during the war for radar development work.
Imperial War Museum  -
Imperial War Museum logoThere is a branch of the Imperial War Museum with exhibits & information at the RAF Duxford airfield (not far from Cambridge).  While there is plenty about the fighter aircraft, pilots and plotting rooms that were there in the Battle of Britain - there is not so much about the radar and radio systems that were so essential to guide the aircraft to their targets.
RAF Air Defence Radar Museum, Neatishead
Radar Museum logoThe museum at RAF Neatishead (near Horning in Norfolk) traces the history and development of Air Defence Radar since its invention in 1935.  Neatishead was a site for one of the early operational Chain Home radar stations.
RAF Museums at London & Cosford  - 
Plenty of information and exhibits on aircraft - but not much mention of radar!
Wareham Town Museum 
Warehem Town MuseumMuseum near the centre of Wareham, Dorset, with the Radar Trust's DVD 'Echoes of the Past' for sale.
Active Organisations
Defence Electronics History Society (DEHS)  -
DEHS logoThe Defence Electronics History Society aims to study and raise public awareness about defence electronics and the impact it has had on the technology in our lives.  The society organises lectures, publishes a journal and archives material. 
DEHS was formerly the 'Friends of CHiDE' (Centre for the History of Defence Electronics) based at Bournemouth University.  CHiDE (& hence DEHS) owe their existence to a visit made by John Beavis to an exhibition mounted by the Purbeck Radar Museum Trust in the mid 1990s in Swanage Town Hall (see milestones).
Bawdsey Radar  - 
Bawdsey Radar logoBawdsey Manor, in Suffolk near the coast, was the home of the early radar development work from around 1935 - 1939.  The Bawdsey Radar Trust organises events and exhibitions and would like to restore the transmitter block to create an exhibition, educational facility and visitor attraction.
Defford Airfield Heritage Group  - 
When the radar development work moved to Malvern in 1942, nearby Defford Airfield was used for flight trials of radar equipment.  The Defford Airfield Heritage Group (DAHG) aims to record, research and preserve the history of Defford Airfield, especially the work of the Telecommunications Flying Unit in the development of radar.
Dorset Links
Poole & Dorset Adventure Centre  - 
Poole & Dorset Adventure CentreThis field centre is near Renscombe Farm on what was 'E-site' when the radar research was based here.  It is the only building which is still standing, though what remains has been substantially modified / rebuilt. 
CoastWatch, St Aldhelm's Head  - 
National CoastWatch Institution, St Aldhelm's HeadThe CoastWatch station is very close to the radar memorial on the clifftop, and to the ruined buildings of what was D-site in a disused quarry at the edge of the cliff.  Some of the Trust's publications are available from the station when it is manned.
Durlston Country Park  -
Durlston Country ParkThe Durslton Country Park visitor centre is on the site of a wartime radio navigation station given the code name 'Tilly Whim'.
Leeson House  - 
Leeson House was a school before the war, and was taken over for the centimetric radar development work making use of the revolutionary cavity magnetron.  The buildings are now used as a field studies centre.
Virtual Swanage  - 
Information about Swanage: where to stay, where to eat, things to do, what's on.
Swanage Town Council  - 
Official Swanage website with links to Swanage Tourist Information Centre website etc.
Dorset for You  - 
Purbeck Heritage  - 
Information about services across Dorset for visitors, residents & businesses including: leisure, culture & transport.
Nearby Sites / Stations
Ventnor Radar  - 
Website devoted to the radar station at Ventnor on the Isle of Wight - the next Chain Home station along the chain from Worth Matravers.  
Friends of New Forest Airfields  -
Friends of New Forest Airfields, memorialThe Friends of New Forest Airfields is a charity formed to commemorate the role of New Forest airfields by building a memorial, establishing an education programme and setting up an interpretation centre.  Airfields at Sopley, Christchurch and Hurn had close links with the radar development work at Worth Matravers (eg. Sopley hosted trials of Ground Control of Interception). 
More information
History of Radar
Chain Home  - 
Chain Home Low  - 
Radar  - 
TRE  - 
These pages give outlines with some references and links to further material.
Royal Air Force, history  - 
The RAF's history section has some references to RDF (radar) stations in the Battle of Britain story.  accessed Feb 2011
The Radar Pages  -
logo for radar pagesDick Barrett, a radar enthusiast, created this website to give an outline of British Air Defence Radar from Chain Home to the present day.
BBC - History of Radar
A short summary story of the beginnings of radar.
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