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Publications are available:
    1) from a few outlets in Dorset  (bottom of this page),
Mail order not currently available (from 13 July 2017).
    2) by mail order - within the United Kingdom  (middle of this page),
    3) by mail order - outside the United Kingdom  (separate page).
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Echoes of the Past - DVD

Echoes of the Past - DVD front The story of Top Secret work on RADAR carried out in Purbeck 70 years ago during World War II.  Told by Dr Bill Penley who worked there, Dr Phil Judkins a radar historian, produced by John Hale.  More information & trailer.

Order DVD: @ £12.99

Secret War in Purbeck

Secret War in Purbeck - cover

Outlines the story of the top secret radar development in Purbeck, Dorset, from 1940 to 1942 during World War II.  More information.

Order booklet
A4 format: @ £9,  A5 format: @ £6.

Radar Development in Purbeck, Dorset - cover Radar Development in Purbeck - brochure

Outlines the story of radar development in the UK.  It opens to tell the story in Purbeck from 1940 - 1942 with maps and photos of the radar sites.

Order brochure: @ 50p

Post Card - Worth Chain Home station.

A quality coloured post card of this classic photo.

Order post cards: @ 20p

Dorset's Radar Days

Dorset's Radar Days - cover The story of early radar development in the UK from focussed on time in Purbeck from May 1940 - May 1942.  Told by Reg Batt & Dr Bill Penley - scientists who worked there.  More information.


Order booklet: @ £2.40

With Radar to Final Victory

With Radar to Final Victory - cover Continues the story started in "Dorset's Radar Days" to the end of World War II and beyond.  It includes a short resumé of the story before that).  After D-Day mobile radar units were designed by TRE and deployed in Europe and the Middle East.  

Order booklet: @ £2.50

Penley Radar Archives CD-ROM

Penley Radar Archives - CD front Penley Radar Archives - CD back

The Penley Radar Archives is a collection of personal reminiscences, photographs etc. by the scientists, engineers and service people in the radar research & development team during the war.  Some of these records have been scanned and saved on CD-ROM.  

Order CD-ROM: @ £20.



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Mail order not currently available (from 13 July 2017).

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Availability of Publications at Various Outlets in Purbeck / Dorset

The DVD, the three booklets and brochure are available for purchase by visitors to the the Swanage Museum & Heritage Centre - which also hosts a small radar exhibition.  

Some publications are also available from other places including: the Swanage bookshop, the CoastWatch Station at St Aldhelm's Head and by mail order ~ see below.  Sale of booklets help fund this website, radar exhibition and reference library - but donations are always welcome!!  

Note Re: Availability of publications at various outlets.
The table below outlines holdings at various outlets - but availability at individual outlets may vary from time to time.
  Echoes of the Past
Secret War in Purbeck A4 & A5 booklets 
A4 £9 & A5 £6
Dorset's Radar Days
A5 booklet £2.40
With Radar to Final Victory
A5 booklet £2.50
Radar Development in Purbeck
A3 brochure £0.50p
Swanage Museum & Heritage Centre,  The Square, Swanage, Dorset BH19 2LJ  UK    (on the seafront, near the quay)  tick tick tick tick tick
New and Second Hand Books, 35 Station Road, Swanage, Dorset  BH19 1AD tick tick tick tick  
CoastWatch, St Aldhelm's Head, near Worth Matravers.
tick tick     tick
Worth My Travels
Post Office cottage, Worth Matravers  BH19 3LQ
Wareham Tourist Information Centre, Trinity Church, South Street, Wareham, Dorset BH20 4LU tick        
Farwell’s Newsagents, 8 North Street, Wareham, Dorset BH20 4AF tick        
Wareham Town Museum, Town Hall, East Street, Wareham, Dorset BH20 4NS  tick        
Mail order not currently available (13 July 2017).
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