How to order publications from outside the United Kingdom
follow this link to order within the United Kingdom

Orders from outside the United Kingdom can be paid for using PayPal.  
To calculate the total price of an order we need to work out the costs of:
    a) the required items,
    b) international postage - determined by:
          (i) delivery address, (ii) weight, and (iii) class of postage (air, surface etc.),
    c) packing,
    d) the PayPal transaction fee.

So we can make this calculation, send the following details to the e-mail address below:
    1) list of required items,
    2) delivery address (or at least the country),
    3) preferred class of mailing (air, surface etc.).

For convenience, you might use the form on the publications page: 
Insert in the boxes, the quantity of each publication required and press 'Submit'.  You can then cut and paste the resultant list of required items into your e-mail - including the price and weight of each.  Remember to add the preferred class of mailing and destination country.

Send to the following address: and we can reply with the total cost.


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