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Dorset's Radar Days - cover Dorset's Radar Days - The British Radar Story 1935 - 1945
by:  Dr Bill Penley and Reg Batt

This booklet tells the story of early radar development in the UK from the Daventry experiment in 1935 to after the D-Day invasion.  It focuses on the period from May 1940 - May 1942 when radar development was centred at the Telecommunications Research Establishment (TRE) in Purbeck, Dorset.  Both of the authors worked at TRE during that period, and the most significant developments were probably made then.  The booklet was originally compiled to accompany the Purbeck Radar Museum Trust's 1994 D-Day anniversary exhibition at Swanage Town Hall.

Publisher: Purbeck Radar Museum Trust
First edition 1994;  Second edition  1996;  Third edition 1997; Fourth edition 2006
ISSN 1367-8590
24 pages A5
Price:  £2.40
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With Radar to Final Victory - cover With Radar to Final Victory VE-Day Commemorative Issue
by: Dr Bill Penley and Reg Batt
Guest contributors: Sir Bernard Lovell, Sq Ldr Frank Hayward

This booklet continues the radar story started in "Dorset's Radar Days" to the end of World War II and beyond (including a short resumé of the story before that).  After D-Day mobile radar units were designed by TRE and deployed in Europe and the Middle East.  Following the war, the technological advancements spawned by radar and the Enigma code breaking at Bletchley Park went on to form the basis of the electronics industry we take for granted today: Air Traffic Control, blind landing aids, radio astronomy, terrestrial and satellite communications,... and microwave ovens!!  Crystal diodes used in centimetric radar receivers were a step on the path to the development of the transistor and, Geoffrey Dummer, instigator of the radar Plan Position Indicator, went on to pioneer integrated circuits with multiple transistors on a single semiconductor chip.

Publisher:  Purbeck Radar Museum Trust  1996
40 pages A5
Price:  £2.50
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