To: Teachers interested in early radar development in the UK
Subject: Preparation of educational material on early radar development
From: Purbeck Radar Museum Trust - contact 

The Purbeck Radar Museum Trust is keen to hear from any teachers interested in preparing educational material on early radar development. The Trust would be able to provide information, photographs and expertise as required. The goal would be to produce documents, exercises etc. suitable for use in a classroom or as a field studies exercise.  It is desirable that the work packages clearly related to National Curriculum requirements.  The resultant material would then be made available on this page and published in other forms as appropriate.

Exercises might involve students researching answers to questions by studying booklets and brochures published by the Trust, or exploring the Trust’s website.  A field exercise might investigate the last wartime radar building still standing at Worth (a field studies centre), the radar remains on the clifftop at St Aldhelm’s Head (not for younger children!!), or the radar memorial also at St Aldhelm’s Head… but this is up to you to decide!

If significant funding is required, this may be possible by an application made by the Purbeck Radar Museum Trust – eg. to the National Lottery.

If you think you might be interested in this as a project – contact:

Purbeck Radar Museum Trust
e-mail: see contact page


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