Mr A.P. 'Jimmy' Rowe, the Superintendent (or 'Director') used to have an organisation chart on the wall in his office which consisted of magnetic nameplates on a steel panel.  The staff lists in this section are based on a photograph taken of this chart in March 1942, shortly before the move to Malvern in May.  You can look at the photograph of this March 1942 Director's Chart.  This chart recorded scientific, technical and administrative people and did not include skilled / non-skilled industrial grades (as was the practice at the time).  Photographs of charts which were taken on other dates and 'Nominal Rolls' are available on the Penley Radar Archives CD-ROM.

The alphabetical staff list was made by taking the names from the March 1942 Director's Chart - and then adding a few key people involved in early radar who were not on the list.  There is also a version of this same list where staff appear by the Group they worked in.  The functions of the various groups are listed at the top of that page, and were provided by Sidney Jefferson.

There is also a separate biography section for some of the staff with mini-biographies which focus on their activities during the war.

List of Grades
The tables below show abbreviations used for grades shown on the  Alphabetical and Group staff lists.
Supt. Superintendent
A/Supt Assistant Superintendent
Scientific Grades
PSO Principal Scientific Officer
SSO Senior Scientific Officer
SO Scientific Officer
JSO Junior Scientific Officer
Technical Grades
STO Senior Technical Officer
TO Technical Officer
Des'r Drawing Office Designer
AI Assistant - Grade 1
AII Assistant - Grade 2
AIII Assistant - Grade 3
L/A Laboratory Assistant
P/O Pilot Officer (RAF)
2/Lt Second Lieutenant (USA)
POI Post Office ?Inspector?
EMI company - EMI
MAR ?Marconi?
AE ??
TEN ??

Contents of People Section

Introduction Introduction to People section
Director's Chart Director's chart - Purbeck, March 1942 
Staff Alphabetical Alphabetical staff list
Staff by Group Staff list by Group
Biographies Short biographies of a few staff
Biographies of a few staff
Director's Chart - March 1942
Alphabetical Staff List
Staff Alphabetical
Staff by Group



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