Purbeck Radar Museum Trust - Programme 2009 - 2015

The theme of the exhibition changes each year - taking on a relevant anniversary where possible.  Themes planned for the coming years are:
2009: The Day War Broke Out
How prepared were the nations in the Second World War to use radar in September 1939? A new exhibition shows how the radar “secret” was in fact known to every one of the nations involved!

2010: Dorset's Radar Days 
The 70th anniversary of an army of radar scientists coming to Worth Matravers, Dorset’s Silicon Valley, and of the radar defence of the Battle of Britain; to be celebrated by an exhibition and the launch of Purbeck Radar Museum Trust’s DVD “Echoes of the Past”, which will feature many local sites and their secret radar past.

2011: Worth Defending 
This year, our exhibition will illustrate how the radars developed at Worth Matravers helped defend the nation during the air attacks of the Blitz, and look also at local air raids and their effects.

2012: Battle at Sea 
Olympic sailing will be held at Weymouth this summer, and our new exhibition will show how radar has been used at sea from its first discovery in Germany in 1904, through the wartime Battle of the Atlantic, and on into peacetime to the present day.

2013: Radar in the Air 
This season’s exhibition will show the many uses of the radar systems which originated at Worth in air navigation both in peace and in war, and will carry the Worth story on into its post-war days.

2014: Purbeck Invades Europe 
On the 70th anniversary of D-Day, our exhibition will illustrate how radar developed at Worth helped Allied forces in the Normandy landings.

2015: With Radar to Final Victory 
In this year we will re-launch one of our popular titles, and show how radar was used in the war against the cruise and ballistic missiles of the 1940s, the V-1 buzz-bomb and the V-2 rocket. 


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