Exhibition at Worth Matravers

The original exhibition was officially opened by Sir Bernard Lovell at the Worth Café & Craft Centre on Monday 17th July 2006.  Photographs of the opening ceremony and a transcript of the opening speeches can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail to the right.  

The exhibition was created by Sq Ldr Mike Dean MBE with an interactive computer display created by Phil Wyatt.  The exhibition received grant funding from the National Lottery Awards for All scheme.

When the Worth Café & Craft Centre closed in March 2007, Sq Ldr Mike Dean MBE created a cut down version of the exhibition for the Swanage Museum & Heritage Centre.  The Radar Trust is very grateful to the Museum & Heritage Centre for providing space to house a mini exhibition

The Radar Trust is exploring alternative arrangements for making the full scale exhibition available to the general public.  If you have offers or suggestions please contact the Trust.


Radar exhibition at the Worth Café & Craft Centre from June '06 to March '07.
photo:  Sq Ldr Mike Dean MBE

Exhibition opening ceremony - click to view.

To view photographs and a transcript of the exhibition opening ceremony at Worth Matravers: click to view Adobe pdf


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