Geoffrey DummerGeoffrey Dummer was educated at the Manchester College of Technology.  In 1931 he started work with the Mullard Radio Valve Company.  In 1935 he moved to A C Cossor Ltd working on Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs), time bases and circuits, and in 1938 moved again, this time to Salford Electrical Instruments.

In September 1939 he joined the radar research in the Air Ministry Research Establishment (AMRE), then at Dundee, where he worked in a team under Bob Dippy on Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) displays.  It was here that he (with Franklin) started work on radial time base displays, which were the genesis of the first Plan Position Indicator (PPI).  This is the classic map like radar display with a line sweeping around its centre.  In mid 1940, the first Plan Position Indicator was demonstrated to Air Marshal Joubert at Worth Matravers on C-site using a specially modified Chain Home Low radar.

It was not practical to train radar operators on operational equipment, so training equipment was needed to simulate the real radars.  Dummer became responsible for the design, manufacture and installation and servicing of many equipments for training radar operators.  He also visited the United States and Canada to advise on setting up similar trainers there.

He was later in charge of a group dealing with the development of components for electronic circuits.  The drive for reliability made it desirable to reduce the number of unreliable electrical connections between components - especially for operation in adverse climatic conditions.  This led him to conceive the idea of multiple components on a single semiconductor chip.  In May 1952 he presented this idea at the US Electronic Components Symposium.  This was six years before Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments was awarded a patent for essentially the same idea.  As a result he has been called "The Prophet of the Integrated Circuit".  Dummer was unable to persuade either the government or industry in the United Kingdom to fund development of these ideas.

Geoffrey William Arnold Dummer MBE
25 February 1909 - 9 September 2002

Bill Penley Jan 2011

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