R J 'Bob' DippyBob Dippy started work on radar development at Bawdsey Manor in July 1936.  His proposals for a radio navigational system were not immediately used, but were developed urgently in 1942 to improve our bombing accuracy.  It was particularly successful as a general navigation system that brought returning bombers back to their aerodromes - saving many aircraft and the lives of the crews.  

Later, the concepts were  further developed as GEE-H and in the USA, with Dippy as advisor, to become Loran-A.  All these systems were used on D-Day to provide good navigation for the massive invasion fleets and airborne forces, and in the spoof invasion that fooled the enemy about the location of our attack 

After the war he went to New Zealand to work on electronics research and then to Australia where he became a divisional head of research at the Weapons Research Establishment near Adelaide.

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Group in March 1942:  Group 17 - 'GEE' Navigational Aid

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