George Bacon graduated from Cambridge in June 1939.  He was one of the scientific recruits who were to nurse maid the Chain Home radar stations for the first six months of the war.  He arrived at Worth Matravers on 4th May 1940 and, with Banwell, developed the Variable Elevation Beam (VEB) heightfinding system at a 1.5 metre wavelength.  An experimental aerial system was installed on the 240ft wooden tower near Renscombe Farm.  This system was later installed at the Ventnor Chain Home station as height finding was ineffective there.  He then developed the AMES type 13 centimetric heightfinder.

After the war he joined the Atomic Energy Research Establishment (AERE) at Harwell pioneering neutron diffraction.  In 1963 he became professor of physics at Sheffield University.

Bill Penley, Jan 2011

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