Douglas 'Doug' Fisher applied for a job as a trainee photographic technician with the Air Ministry in 1939. He was accepted but told to wait, and a few months later in 1940, he was summoned to Worth Matravers.  Doug’s job was to help provide photographs and film for training purposes.

He lodged with Joan and Helen Muspratt, two local professional photographers who lived on Swanage sea front.  They taught Doug some techniques of portrait photography, and Doug started taking portrait photographs of some of the people at the establishment and their families.  Examples of some of his portraits can be seen amongst these mini-biographies including: Raye Gough, Olga Clark, Don Stevenson, H Dewhurst, Murray Hardy, E Sudbury and Leonard Huxley.

Doug later borrowed photographs from his wartime colleagues and made copies to extend his collection.  These were later digitized and have become known as the 'Fisher Archives'.

After the war Doug worked for the Wellcome Foundation later becoming cameraman for Granada Television's 'Zoo Time' hosted by Desmond Morris.  Further biographic details in the list below under 'website'.

Douglas 'Doug' Fisher FRPS
10 September 1921 - 10 June 2007

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Papers & Links etc.
Penley Radar Archives - considerable correspondence with Bill Penley - not available electronically.
Website - www.radararchive.com. Douglas's son Robert Fisher set up this website and has made some of the films about early radar development available.  The site includes a biography of Douglas's life.
Group in March 1942:  Group 27  - Photographic

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