Vivian Bowden joined the Radar team in 1940 and during the War led the group that developed the Identification of Friend or Foe equipment (IFF). This provides signals to radar operators to help distinguish between hostile and friendly aircraft. From 1943 - 1946 this team was based in the USA and joint programmes resulted in various marks of the equipment leading to the present day responder beacons fitted in both civil and military aircraft to provide identification and air traffic control information.

Before the war Bowden was chief physics master at Oundle School. After the War he became Principal of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST). He was invited by Prime Minister Harold Wilson to join his Government for his 'White-hot heat of technology' programme and was created Lord Bowden of Chesterfield in 1963.

18 Jan 1910 - 28 July 1989

Bill Penley, Jan 2011

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Wikipedia page:  biography Vivian Bowden  accessed Jan 2011
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Manchester University Library - John Rylands University Library - papers and biography
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Group in March 1942:  Group 14 - Identification Friend or Foe (IFF)

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