Alan Hodgkin was a research scholar at Cambridge before the war.  From February 1940 to July 1945 he worked on Airborne Interception radar.  He was in the team that invented the Airborne Interception spiral scanning system enabling the range and direction of a target aircraft to be displayed together (AI MkVII).  

Towards the end of the war he led the team on the development of the Automatic Gun Laying Turret (AGLT) for the rear defence of bombers.  He also worked on air to air guided weapons.

After the war he returned to Cambridge to undertake research work on the nervous system for which he received a Nobel Prize in 1963.  He was elected President of the Royal Society in 1970.

His wartime work inspired him to write his autobiography Chance and Design - see below.

Prof Sir Alan Lloyd Hodgkin OM FRS
5 February 1914 - 20 December 1998

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Chance & Design, Alan Hodgkin Chance and Design: 
Reminiscences of Science in Peace and War
Hodgkin, Alan Lloyd

The autobiography of one of the pioneers of centimetric airborne interception radar; supplements Lovell.  Alan Hodgkin was one of the scientists at Worth.

Cambridge University Press, May 1992
ISBN 10: 0521400996 
ISBN 13: 978-0521400992
424 pages
Open Library  accessed: Jan 2010

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