R A J CaryRex Cary obtained a scholarship and was educated at Tooting Bec High School, Tooting, London.  Studied briefly at the Sorbonne University in Paris.  Withdrawn from the Sorbonne by his father, who was prejudiced against university education in general and against university students in particular.

Employed at His Master's Voice (HMV) gramophone recording studios in Paris, using early electrical recording methods from the age of 19.  He recorded some well known celebrities, such as the violinist Yehudi Menhuin and the light opera singer Jeanette MacDonald.

He later transferred to HMV radio, gramophone and electrical works in Hayes, Middlesex, in order to avoid conscription into the French army with the rise of Hitler and the possibility of the invasion of the Rhineland demilitarised zone.  While working at HMV in Hayes, he was involved in the development of the early cathode ray tubes for television, and the design and manufacture of electrical components and circuitry for radios and televisions.

In 1940 he was employed at the Telecommunications Research Establishment (TRE) near Swanage, Dorset until TRE moved to Malvern in May 1942.  Whilst he was at Swanage he worked on the design and installation of radar aerials for Chain Home (CH) and possibly for Chain Home Low (CHL).

From May 1942 until he retired in 1977 or 1978, he was employed on the design of aerials at TRE in Malvern.  After the Second World Ware was over, he worked on aerials and radomes for military aircraft becoming head of a small group at TRE.

He became and Associate Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers (AMIEE) in March 1953 and Associate Member fo the Institute of Radio Engineers (AMIRE) in July 1953.  He was awarded the Member of the British Empire medal (MBE) for his services during the war and afterwards in July 1954.

Rex Henry John Cary MBE
13 September 1915 - 4 January 1994.

supplied by Mr R J Cary, son
May 2015

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