Bernhard Kinsey received a PhD in particle physics from Cambridge University in 1937, going on to Liverpool University to develop a cyclotron.  He was one of the pre-war research scientists who would be directed to work on RDF should war break out.  In July 1939 he reluctantly followed instructions to visit the Chain Home station near Dunkirk in Kent as a familiarisation exercise.   

War was declared, and his first jobs were to survey and calibrate Chain Home stations.  After the move to Purbeck, he was assigned to centimetric Air to Surface Vessel radars.

After the war he moved to Canada to work in the Canadian nuclear power programme at Chalk River, Ontario.

His recollections in the Penley Radar Archives (see below) make very interesting reading both about the tasks undertaken, the people involved and the environment in which they worked. 

Prof Bernhard Bruno Kinsey
15 June 1910 - 22 November 1995

Bill Penley

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