In 1935 Maurice Wilkes started as a student under Jack Ratcliffe at the Cavendish Laboratory working on the propagation of long radio waves.  At the start of the war he was posted to work on radar at the Army's Air Defence Experimental Establishment at Christchurch, Dorset.  After the move to Malvern, he worked on Oboe - the radio navigation aid for blind bombing.

After the war he returned to Cambridge University where he worked to development the first computers.  In the 1970s he pioneered the development of the Cambridge Ring - a Local Area Network to interconnect computers.

Prof Sir Maurice Vincent Wilkes FRS
26 June 1913 - 29 November 2010

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Papers & Links etc.
Wikipedia page:  biography Maurice Wilkes  accessed Mar 2011
or try:  http://en.wikipedia.org/  with search words: Maurice Wilkes
Cambridge University - archived website:  Maurice Wilkes
  or go to: www.cl.cam.ac.uk and search for: Maurice Wilkes
Royal Society - Elected Fellow in 1956 - for a biography -
try: http://rsbm.royalsocietypublishing.org  with search words: Maurice Wilkes  (not available Apr 2011)
Group - not in Purbeck.  Worked at ADRDE the army radar establishment in Christchurch moving to Malvern in 1943  ( Malvern

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