Francis E 'FE' Jones took a degree in physics at King's College, London, subsequently staying on to undertake research.  Soon after war broke out he joined the radar team in Dundee working under R A Smith.  His first assignment was to nurse maid operational radar stations to ensure that the equipment was working properly.

After the move to Worth Matravers he worked on the development of Oboe, the blind bombing radio navigation system, with Alec Harley Reeves.  He was head of the Oboe development team dealing with practical day to day management (while Reeves was more involved with the ideas).

After the war he continued to work at TRE in Malvern directing research into detection of infra-red and radio at millimetre wavelengths.  He subsequently moved to the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE), Farnborough where he became Deputy Director.

In 1956 he moved to Mullard where he later became managing director.

Francis Edgar Jones FRS MBE
16 Jan 1914 - 10 April 1988

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