Prof John W S Pringle FRS John Pringle came from Cambridge Univerity to work on centimetric airborne radar. His experience as a skilled glider pilot gave him a valuable feel for what could be achieved in the air. He was part of the team that planned electronic countermeasures for the D-Day landings.

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After the war he returned to Cambridge University as lecturer in zoology.

Prof Sir John William Sutton Pringle FRS
22 July 1912 - 2 November 1982

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Royal Society - Elected Fellow in 1954 - for a biography -
go to: http://rsbm.royalsocietypublishing.org  with search words: John Pringle
Wikipedia page:  biography John Pringle   accessed Feb 2011
or try:  http://en.wikipedia.org/  with search words: John William Sutton Pringle 
Group in March 1942:  Group TFU  - Telecommunications Flying Unit   

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