Samuel Curran (1950) - courtesy of the University of Glasgow Samuel Curran was at the Cavendish Laboratories with Rutherford in Cambridge before the war.  It was there he met Joan Strothers who he later married in November 1940.  In late 1940, he joined Philip Dee, Bernard Lovell, Alan Hodgkin and others at Worth Matravers.  After the invention of the cavity magnetron, Curran's development of spark gap modulators was critical to the success of the magnetron transmitters.

In 1944 he went to the United States with some twenty other scientists to work on the Manhatten Project - the development of the nuclear bomb.

In 1946 he went to Glasgow University where Philip Dee, his wartime boss, was professor.  Later, as Principal and vice chancellor of the University of Strathclyde, he took the lead in developing Britain's first technological university.

Sir Samuel Crowe Curran FRS.
23 May 1912 -  25 February 1998

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