Reginald Victor 'RV' Jones  worked in Scientific & Technical Intelligence. He helped to counter ‘Knickebein’ (a German bomber navigation aid) and to plan ‘Window’ deployment (a radar decoy). He wrote ‘Most Secret War’ which became a TV documentary.


His autobiography, Most Secret War: British Scientific Intelligence 1939-1945, formed the basis, pre-publication, of the BBC One TV documentary series "The Secret War", first aired on 5 January 1977, in which Jones was the principal interviewee.

Prof Reginald Victor Jones CB CBE FRS
29 September 1911 – 17 December 1997

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Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge holds some of Reginald Victor Jones's papers:
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Royal Society - Elected Fellow in 1965 - for a biography -
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Group - did not work at TRE (elsewhere) but in Scientific and Technical Intelligence in London.
Most Secret War, Jones R V Most Secret War
Jones, R V

Jones's account of his part in British Scientific Intelligence between 1939 and 1949. It was his responsibility to anticipate German applications of science to warfare, so that their new weapons could be countered before they were used. Much of his work had to do with radio navigation, as in the Battle of the Beams, with radar, as in the Allied Bomber Offensive and in the preparations for D-Day and in the war at sea.

Hamilton (London), 1978 
ISBN 10: 0241897467 
556 pages 
Open Library  accessed: Jan 2010 
The Wizard War, Jones R V
The Wizard War
British scientific intelligence, 1939-1945
Jones, R V

This is the American title for 'Most Secret War'.

Coward, McCann & Geoghegan 
(New York), 1978 
ISBN 10: 0698108965 
556 pages
Open Library  accessed: Jan 2010

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