At the beginning of the war 'Len' Pittendrigh was enlisted by a call to Industry for officers to take charge of the running of the new Chain of RDF (radar) stations being built around the coast.  He was offered a Commission in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

He had various postings as Commanding Officer (CO) of radar stations around the country - starting at Darsham (Suffolk) and then setting up a semi-mobile station at Unst (Shetland Islands).  In July 1941 he was in charge of the operational Chain Home and Chain Home Low stations at St Aldhelm's Head.  After a posting to Cambridge he went to Malvern as CO of 'J' Watch working to identify and locate enemy radar jamming sites.

His story was contributed to the Penley Radar Archives (see below).  A lively personal account giving insight into the running of the radar stations.

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