Sir Robert Cockburn
Sir Robert Cockburn joined the Scientific Civil Service at RAE in 1937 and led the team that developed the VHF communications system for air to ground communications which played a vital part in the Battle of Britain. In 1940 he joined TRE, the Radar development Establishment at Worth Matravers. He led the team charged with devising countermeasures to fool the enemy radar system. He played the major role in planning the spoof attack across the Channel on D-Day that so confused the enemy that they failed to concentrate their forces to overcome the Allied landings of D-Day.

He remained in the Civil Service after the war, joining the Atomic Energy Authority team at Harwell but returned to Defence work in 1948 where he held many senior positions such as Controller of Guided Weapons and Electronics, Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Aviation and Director of the Royal Aircraft Establishment.

In addition to the items listed here I have passed to CHiDE copies of tapes recording discussions between Bob Cockburn, Peter Hall and myself about wartime and later activities. 

Bob Cockburn died on 21st March 1994.

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